Stump Shark is here to provide quality service at an affordable price. 


Stump grinding is the safe and cost effective way to remove any stump big or small.

Quality service and low cost go hand in hand with Stump Shark. We use the best grinder on the market, A turbo diesel 44hp Carlton 4012 which means it can take on every stump large or small and complete, clean up, and move on the the next job faster than the other guys. Nimble enough to get into tight spaces, while being powerful enough to tackle the largest stumps. 

That time savings is passed on to the customer. It is as simple as that. 




Stump Shark's machine has enough bite to remove any stump while being light enough to leave lawns pristine.

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The stump is ground down below the surface and the site is left clean and level. Customer satisfaction guaranteed. 

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Stump Shark's story

I founded Stump Shark Stump Grinding 3 years ago after realizing that the majority of stump grinding companies in CT gave a poor, messy product. I knew that by putting the customer first, completing every job with pride, and by being honest and transparent with my clients, I could quickly become Connecticut's expert in stump grinding. 

I have a background in the tree service and am a career firefighter. Stump Shark is my baby and I have watched it grow from a small 25hp grinder to a large top of the line 44hp diesel powered behemoth ready to take on any job thrown its way.