Stump Shark can bid the job via text or email by simply sending a picture of the entire stump with a tape measure or something else to show scale 

Most jobs are completed below the cost of a rental. 

What is the cost?

There are many factors that will effect the end cost. These include size of the stump, location/ease of access, hight of the stump, is the stump rotted vs freshly cut, and what will be done with the chips. 

For stumps 12-24" the average cost is below $150.00 with a simple clean up. Additional stumps added to the job can be as little as $20 possibly less. Those who have hired Stump Shark know, small easily accessable add on stumps can be added as a courtesy for the customer. 

To put that in prospective, renting the smallest stump grinder from Home Depot will cost around $175.00 after taxes. For larger jobs you will want to rent at least a 25hp grinder which will cost around $300.00 from Sunbelt or United Rentals. If your stump is over 36" you will really want to rent a diesel machine that is just shy of $500.00 to rent for the day. Typically, a stump of that size with no exposed roots will cost $150-$200. 

Adding stumps is easy and are added at a discounted rate. Every job can be tailored to fit the budget. 

Renting vs Hiring the Pro.

As you see above, renting a stump grinder for a single stump is not cost effective. Especially when you factor in your time. With that being said, there are always times where renting may be the way to go. If you can offset the cost by sharing the rental with a neighbor, who also needs stump grinding, renting may work. Also if you have multiple stumps of similar sizes, it may be slightly beneficial to rent a grinder. 

When renting always use proper safety equipment and follow the manufacturers recommendations. If you have any questions on renting vs hiring, you can always text Stump Shark for advice. 

And don't forget, when renting, you will need a pickup truck to get even the smallest of stump grinders. You will need towing capabilities for any stump grinder over 25hp. 

Why not uproot the stump?

Uprooting the stump is an option, but is a costly one. First off the equipment used will cause lawn damage in most cases. Also roots can be entangled in foundations and sewer pipes and pulling a stump could cause damage to these. Lastly, stumps can be the size of a Volkswagen and are expensive to dispose of. 

If the area where the stump exists is to become a swimming pool, or the entire stump needs to be removed, uprooting may be the only option and Stump Shark Stump Grinding can consult on these projects. 

What to ask when inquiring about grinding.

First and foremost ask about insurance. Stump grinding uses a powerful machine that is capable of damaging gas lines, and throwing rocks far away. If the person that gives you an estimate is sketchy when the insurance question is brought up kindly send them packing. Stump grinding is dangerous and not having proper insurance is simply unacceptable. 

Tell the grinder what the plan is with the area. Simply removing the eyesore? Want to replant grass? Putting up a fence? These are all points that the stump grinder would like to know. 

Ask the grinder about depth and the area around the stump. Stump Shark grinds 4-6" below grade which insures enough room for topsoil so grass can grow. This depth is achieved assuming there are no rock or ledge embedded in the stump. Be sure to ask about depth as some grinders simply skim the stump below grade so it is no longer seen. Unless that is the request of the customer, this type of work is unacceptable. The area around the stump needs to be taken into consideration as well. Will they grind the roots around the stump? That is a question you will have to ask. Stump Shark will grind any surface roots in the immediate area around the stump and major roots that belong to the stump farther from the area. Grinding roots farther from the stump is done assuming it's insured they don't belong to any other trees. If that is the case caution should be used as grinding a large root of a living tree can cause harm. 

The last question to as is about clean up. Many grinders give a price that doesn't include clean up. This means they grind the stump, send chips flying everywhere and leave you with a spread out mess to tackle. Stump Shark at the very least will leave you with a neat pile of chips where the stump was and blow off/rake the area clean around the stump of major stumps chips.  On larger stump 3' plus, it is always advisable to get a price on clean up. The chip piles that result from a large stump can be very overwhelming for the average home owner

The Stump Shark Stump Grinding method 

Why choose Stump Shark?

Stump Shark is fully insured and uses Call Before You Dig when necessary to complete its job. Safety is paramount.

Stump Shark sets up chip barriers to contain the mess and insure no rocks are sent flying. 

Stump Shark will taylor every job to fit into the clients budget, or will point the customer in the right direction if Stump Shark isn't a good fit. 

Stump Shark grinds to a depth of 4-6" (baring any rock or ledge) and leaves the area neat and tidy. 

Stump Shark can haul away chips and bring in fresh topsoil to leave the area pristine. 

Situated in Milford, CT Stump Shark services New Haven and Fairfield county, as well as the surrounding areas around Connecticut. 

Stump Shark also has a network of tree service partners and landscapers so all of your outdoor needs are met. Just ask, one call does it all.

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Douglas Farrell  5 star "Had a monster stump in the backyard and got referred to Anthony. He gave us an excellent price, came when he said he would, did what he said he was going to do and more, and was extremely fair and reliable. Plus the job he did was amazing. Would highly recommend to anyone. One of the good guys!"

Kathleen Smith  5 star "My husband and I highly recommend Anthony at Stump Shark. He was very easy to deal with and did a marvelous job with the budget I had to work with. Way beyond my husbands and my expectations knowing what he had to work with. You would never know that we had a monster stump at the end of our driveway! He took care of the wood chips and graded the area into the surrounding landscape. We are so pleased. 5 STARS TO STUMP SHARK!"

Kierran Broatch — 5 star "If you want to get rid of tree stumps on your property, look no further than Stump Shark. Anthony made short work of three unsightly stumps in our yard and we could not be happier with the results. He is professional, easy going, and knows his stuff. Keep up the good work!"