stump grinding service

Can I grind a stump if there is snow on the ground?

The answer is yes...technically. 

I personally don't like doing it, and if a job can wait, I like to put the job off until the snow is gone around the stump, and the ground has re-frozen. 


With that being said, yes I can grind stumps with snow on the ground. My machine is a 4x4, so a little slippery snow isn't a problem unless the stump is on a hill. The snow does make for a messier cleanup however. Usually I blow of the entire area of grass to remove as many small chips debris as I can, but with snow on the ground, I tend to leave more of that behind as the snow hinders my clean up. 

So, in closing if you do have a stump on the ground and want it gone ASAP, call or text and we can schedule something. 


Winter Specials!

As the leaves fall off the trees and the air gets crisper, many people forget about their ugly stumps as the snow begins to fall. 

Many tree services and stump grinders go into hibernation but not the Stump Shark! As long as the ground is clear and the stump isn't under 4 feet of snow, the Stump Shark is in business. 

And the best part is, because you took the time to read this, just mention the post and receive $25 off any job $150 or more and $50 off any job $500 and more!